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How Can File Query Help You?

Quickly view, query, analyze and modify files of ANY size, in seconds

Save you time and effort

Don't waste your time going through complicated import processes that other tools use. On most files, File Query can figure the layout for you, automatically.

After opening this file, File Query knows that it is delimited with pipes, has a header, is not quoted, uses Windows (CRLF) line endings, and has around 1,000 lines.

All with no input from the user.

Validate file specs

Ever received a file that didn't match the supposed layout or spec?

With just a few clicks, you can generate a report against all fields in the file, giving you the information to know if the file really looks like it's supposed to; and if not, where the issues are.

The sooner you can find the issues, the less time you waste on fixing them one-by-one.

Quickly fix issues in a file

Once you have found an issue with a file, how do you fix it?

Whether it's changing bad values in a multi-GB file, adding/removing/re-ordering fields, or splitting large files into smaller ones, File Query makes these changes, and many more, quick and easy.

Free you from limits

While File Query is extermely simple to use for most tasks, it doesn't limit you to what is built in. Every function you run generates a query that you can modify and extend, and these queries run on top of a full programming language (C#).

Either by writing them yourself, or by having us help, you can easily extend the functionality of the tool almost limitlessly. And once you write a query, just save it in the tool, and it's like having the functionality built right in.

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